Skudai, a Beamer Theme for UTM

This all started a couple of months back when Najmi asked me if it was possible to get a Beamer presentation to look like his university’s (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM) Powerpoint template.

The eventual result is Skudai, a UTM Beamer theme. (Skudai is the name of the city town in Johor, Malaysia, where UTM’s main campus is located.)

Screenshots and download link:

A brief example on using the theme:


\author{This is Me}
\title{This is My Presentation}



\frametitle{First Frame}
My content


6 thoughts on “Skudai, a Beamer Theme for UTM

  1. Yes I have the color theme, MMU has even got the official CMYK values. (Unlike USM and UTM which I had to grab from the screen manually.) But I'm not uploading it before I know for certain if there's any official layouts for Powerpoints. MMU branding guidelines “only” mentioned the logos, letterhead, envelope, business cards, videos.

  2. let's copy and change it to suit our own institution.
    it is the right moment for me to have the base done for me to 'tiru'. my viva is coming this next month.

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