Skudai, a Beamer Theme for UTM

This all started a couple of months back when Najmi asked me if it was possible to get a Beamer presentation to look like his university’s (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM) Powerpoint template.

The eventual result is Skudai, a UTM Beamer theme. (Skudai is the name of the city town in Johor, Malaysia, where UTM’s main campus is located.)

Screenshots and download link:

A brief example on using the theme:


\author{This is Me}
\title{This is My Presentation}



\frametitle{First Frame}
My content


6 thoughts on “Skudai, a Beamer Theme for UTM

  1. Yes I have the color theme, MMU has even got the official CMYK values. (Unlike USM and UTM which I had to grab from the screen manually.) But I'm not uploading it before I know for certain if there's any official layouts for Powerpoints. MMU branding guidelines “only” mentioned the logos, letterhead, envelope, business cards, videos.

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