Quick reminder about bahasa-babel

Just a quick note to help people who might be confused: If you’d like to write your report/thesis etc in Bahasa Malaysia (Standard Malay) (ISO-639 zsm), the correct language option to pass to babel is bahasam:


The babel option bahasa is actually a synonym for bahasai and loads Bahasa Indonesia (ISO-639 ind).

(For the linguistically minded, both zsm Standard Malay and ind Bahasa Indonesian, as well as many other languages, are members of the Malay macrolanguage (ISO-639 msa).

In addition, if you’d like to change a LaTeX string when babel is loaded, you’ll have to use the \addto\captionsXXX method. For example, to re-define figure captions to be “Rajah 1” instead of “Gambar 1”, you’ need to write


LaTeX Documentation in Malay language


I am gradually writing for a booklet for LaTeX in Malay language. If you also want to contribute, you’re welcome. Lian and some other friends also had contributed on comments and others stuffs.

Feel free to download:


Note that I don’t use version number for the PDF as of now, since I assume it’s a BETA for every time I commit. But it’s readable and hopefully beneficial.

Or, if you’re cool enough, download the .tex files and the rest by yourselves and compile it. I have created a script called Make, just chmod +x and ./Make

hg clone https://latex-my-docs.googlecode.com/hg/ latex-my-docs