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CV Radhakrishnan (CVR) has posted a list of TeX4ht options, the most comprehensive I have seen yet.

TeX4ht is a very powerful piece of software for converting LaTeX to other formats, such as (X)HTML and ODT. Unfortunately, the documentation was never truly complete, and the inner workings of the system can be hard to grasp and understand. The original creator, Eitan Gurari passed on unexpectedly in 2009. CVR and Karl Berry has since taken over the maintenance of TeX4ht.

As a side note, if you have an existing LaTeX document that you need to convert to other formats, TeX4ht is the most robust system that I have come across, i.e. it works with almost any LaTeX packages that are used in your document. (See this link for other LaTeX-to-whatever conversion tools.)

On the other hand, if you’re just starting to write your document from scratch, with a view to exporting to different output formats later, you might be better off using DocBook or pandoc instead. I personally prefer the markdown syntax in pandoc and exporting to LaTeX later for further editing.

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  1. Can you point out a good tutorial for pandoc? I would like to write in it, to be rendered later into latex and HTML.

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