Real Time (Almost) Preview For Latex

I was wondering whether I will be able to preview things that I wrote Latex with almost real time. Well, somehow there are, but actually what it did was background compiling (I believe so, looking at the log written).

Unfortunately these tools are only available in Emacs (or fortunately, it is time for you to learn!).

These tools are:

Both tools are available in Ubuntu Linux. Auctex can be invoked in Emacsw32 (windows), while Whizzytex can be done, but I believe it is difficult.

Whizzytex works by invoking M-x and later whizztex-mode (that is, Meta (Escape/Alt button) and x plus the external command. You may simply list them all by Tab button), and this only need to be done once. It will directly fire up ADVI viewer. Every change that you did will be rendered right away… so perhaps you want to put it side by side with your editor.

Auctex in the other hands works by invoking C-c C-p C-d ;

For now I can’t get the Arabic characters work.. maybe need some more manual reading.

All these tools need some editing in your $HOME/.emacs , which means it will not just work straight away.

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