The Future of GayaUKM

I first created GayaUKM, a LaTeX document class and template for authoring theses following the formatting guidelines of University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 2013, on a commission by Pusat Pengurusan Siswazah, UKM.

With inputs from PPS, faculty and students from UKM, GayaUKM is now at v1.4. Unfortunately, I no longer quite have the time to continue maintaining and updating GayaUKM after v1.4.

I am therefore very glad to announce that Dr Mohd Hairi Mohd Zaman, from UKM’s Department of Electrical, Electronic and Systems Engineering, have agreed to take up the mantle to maintain GayaUKM. Thank you, Hairi! The new Github repo address is at

I thank also UKM’s PPS thesis committee, especially Dr Asyraf and Dr Zambri, for their past support of GayaUKM and for helping to spread the word about LaTeX among Malaysian academics and students.

LaTeX Training & Consultancy

I’ve recently started offering LaTeX training and consultancy services as a freelancer (between writing up my thesis and parenting). So if you happen to be sourcing for a trainer, or need a consultant for LaTeX-related typesetting or design, feel free to have a look at my webpage and contact me.

Thanks to the other blog authors for letting me post this here. I’m doing this T&C as a personal attempt, so please address your gripes just to me (Lian Tze) if you have any issues with my services, and not to the other authors here.

Asas-asas LaTeX

Pertama-tama, saya ingin mengucapkan terima kasih, kerana memberi peluang saya menambah artikel didalam blog ini.

Saya sarankan pembaca yang ingin mencuba LaTeX, supaya membaca dokumentasi penggunaan LaTeX ini terlebih dahulu.

The Not So Short Introduction to LATEX2ε

Ianya mengandungi asas-asas pengunaan LaTeX bersama-sama contoh ringkas.

Terdapat beberapa lagi dokumentasi tunjuk ajar di Internet, dan harap pembaca dapat menafaatkannya.

Terima kasih.