KDE Beamer Themes

FOSS.my is this Friday, and even though I can’t attend, perhaps there are some presenters who’d be interested to use Beamer to prepare their presentations, and perhaps using KDE themes: you can download the theme packages (.sty and .png files) from that link there. Once downloaded, put them in your TEXMF tree (~/texmf/tex/latex on TeXLive and MikTeX, ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex on MacTeX), and refresh it (use the MikTeX control panel; or run texhash if you’re using TeXLive. If using MacTeX, you won’t need to manually run texhash or anything).

By the way, you’ll find templates for OOImpress and KPresenter via that link, too.

To use the Oxygen-style theme:





Sample output:

To use the Air theme and the output:


There’s also a PNG image which can be used as background for presentations at the link above (desenho.png). To use this with the default beamer theme, do:


Happy LaTeXing!

Latex beamer and blocks


\frametitle{Portable Object (PO) files}



\item It’s a raw, untranslated file

\item Created automatically using gettext package

\item Ready to be translated




produce this :


\begin{alertblock}{gettext in short}
\item Part of GNU packages
\item Enables internationalization of software
\item Enables the creation of Portable Object (PO) file
\alert{\emph{Portable Object?}}

produce this :


\frametitle{Machine Object (MO) files}



\item \alert {Compiled file}, derived from PO

\item It’s a binary, thus \emph{machine readable}




produce this:

Good luck !

Latex Beamer untuk “presentation”

Kebiasaannya kita menggunakan Microsoft Power Point, atau OpenOfficeImpress, dan mungkin juga KOffice.

Latex juga mempunyai pakej presentation iaitu Beamer.

Ia boleh dicapai di sini

Bagi pengguna Ubuntu semudah apt-get install latex-beamer dan boleh gunakannya sekarang!

Kelebihannya ialah apabila kita telah selesai menulis katakan laporan di dalam format latex, hanya beberapa tune up yang perlu dilakukan untuk membolehkan fail latex tersebut dialihkan ke frame Latex beamer tersebut